Less politics more metal that’s what we say. Seriously. Facebook is rotten with political stuff. And Pokemon. And tons of messed up news and hatefulness. So we vote less of all that and more metal. Need a place to start? Try some more of our favorite albums.

Jason: Yob-Clearing A Path To Ascend

George: Cradle of filth- Midian 

Steve: Meshuggah- Obzen

Sam: Isis – The Red Sea

Alex: “My own mixtape of Strapping Young Lad/Devin Townsend Band/Devin Townsend solo stuff.”

Isn’t Alex just a unique little snowflake? See what I’m dealing with here?

If you missed us Tuesday with FAMILY from Brooklyn, we’re playing with our buddies from Long Island, Moon Tooth ,on Wednesday the 10th at Rudyards. Please come support us and these guys. They are AMAZING and super cool guys! Free Mønärch shirts and hats as usual.

Every now and again we’re gonna tell you some of our favorite albums. Listen to them if you haven’t heard them. Listen again if you have. They’re awesome.

Jason: Drive like Jehu- Yank Crime
George: Maximum the hormone- Buiiki Kaesu
Alex: Sepulura – Beneath The Remains
Steve: Radiohead- OK Computer
Sam: Anthrax – State of Euphoria
Sam: Sumac – The Deal

Extra credit: At the Gates- Slaughter of the Soul

We have an official website. Somewhere to post about all our shows, releases, and random bullshit. Pretty exciting. One thing though, none of us have made a website before. This could could get interesting…