Clubers and Santas

Last saturday we played a pretty fun show. It was at Notsuoh on Main Street in Houston. Despite misty weather and an almost thirty degree temperature drop Main Street was packed. People dressed up in their finest club wear or as santas  and elves as far as the eye could see. And in the middle of it all, us in all our scruffy musician glory. Including our new hoodies. 

Between the busy streets and tight stage at Notsuoh we decided to run half our rigs. We still managed to be loud and heavy enough to get the metal heads headbanging and casual bar crawlers covering their ears and cowering in a corner. 

After how much time Sam and George spent bumping into each other and the stage they might be legally married… By the end of the set there was a decent crowd that was on their feet. It was a damn good time that almost felt like playing a house party. 

We might have been an oddball on the bill being a last minute fill in for the Cake Rangers. Dudes had a member get a broken collar bone. But it all worked out and was fun getting to play with bands we might not normally run into. Black Lodge busted out a wild noise rock set. It’s always neat seeing a two piece do the thing. Then Such Marvelous Monsters finished the night with a set full of the kind of indie rock that’s such a big part of Houston’s music scene. Everyone was such cool people. It was a good time. 

Well. That’s it for now. If you need us we’ll be getting wasted on eggnog until early January. Merry Christmas erryone. 

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