Hitting the streets 

Today is the big day. The Liars Bend Low is hitting the streets. The awesome peeps at Black Bow are handling international and digital distribution, we’ve got vinyl, new merch, and we’re playing twice this weekend with awesome bands. You can buy it online on band camp or iTunes. Links below. 



If you’ve already binged on the S Town podcast like the rest of us. Check out the Texas metal podcast episode 17 featuring yours truly. They’re on YouTube, iTunes, and all that. Or you can just check it out at http://texasmetalshow.com/ Talking with Jon just felt like hanging out with a friend. It was a ton of fun. We talked about musical influences, how we met, how we write, and even how Tom Petty’s Last Dance With Mary Jane is basically a closet death metal song. Seriously. Our hour interview turned into a two hour interview. Sorry Jon, hope you didn’t go too crazy trying to edit all that down. 

Also, Steve’s gonna be rocking new drums,  cymbals, and hardware from now on. After rocking the same set since high school Steve went crazy. Meinl cymbals, limited edition Ludwig Vistalites (1 of 45 in the WORLD… the WORLD Craig!), and heavy duty Tama stands. Now I know 90% of you are thinking “cool story bro…” but take our word for it, they are loud and sexy AF. Steve is a full blown God of Thunder now. I mean, would you look at it?

Oh, here’s some links to the upcoming shows. Come out and grab some vinyl in person. Nobody likes buying online. Don’t believe that Amazon hype. Think about it. Jason has to make labels, there’s fees, waiting for it to show up… the instant gratification of buying one at a show is unbeatable. Plus we have fancy sharpies to sign that shit if you want. 



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