Forming the split

The first weekend of August we headed into Blackbeard Studios to record a song for a split with Forming The Void. I mean what better way to cement a budding bromance? 

So we all packed up and moved in for the weekend. George and Steve packed up thier usual rigs. Sam and Jason brought their everything. 

Blackbeard is hands down the nicest place most of us have recorded in. It was clean, comfortable, well put together and had some awesome equipment. Now, it may seem like a weird thing to get excited about but even the restrooms were nice and clean. Like, Buccee’s ain’t got shit on them. Anyone that’s traveled or been in a band will tell you, a nice clean restroom is a precious thing. We’re pretty sure this is gonna be our go to recording studio from now on. Provided they’ll let us take the place over again. 

First up was drums. Our engineer Michael was meticulous in capturing the massiveness that is Steve’s kit. It sounded thunderous. He made sure we got a solid foundation to build on. Dude even tuned Steve’s bass drum for maximum thump. 

Next up was guitars. Since Jason and Sam brought a bit of everything, Michael set everyone up to be able to re-amp their parts. So everyone but Steve got to play together keeping the live tracking vibe we dig. It was definitely an easier way to play with sounds and find the right gear combinations for each part. 

After all the guitars were sorted out it was time to work on bass. With the blank slate d.i. bass track to work with, George and Michael were able to get some ridiculously massive sounds. Blending dirty and clean sounds, and finding the perfect sounds for everything. 

Last but not least Sam and Jason cut their vocal tracks. Definitely the fastest and easiest part of the recording. They both nailed their parts in a couple of takes. 

We then sent it off Aidan Cunningham. Aidan contacted us a while ago. Dude does amazing work. But we wouldn’t expect less from someone working with the GodCity Studios crew. He’s mixing our track and mastering both our track and Forming The Void’s track. Should make everything sound really good and kinda cohesive. Oh and since we’re kind of a go big or go home group of guys, the split is gonna be a 10 inch. A totally calculated move that has nothing to do with the fact that we couldn’t come up with a song less than 7 minutes long…  

We’re really excited to get this new song out there. It really turned out awesome. We definitely think we found a winning combination , between Blackbeard, Michael, and Aidan. Hopefully we’ll be back at it again in a few months cutting our next album. We can’t wait. The new stuff we’re writing is epic. 

Oh, and check out BlackBeard Studios, Michael Silvia, and Aidan Cunningham. This wouldn’t have been possible without them. We cant recommend them enough.

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