The snowball effect

Pull up a chair, we’ve got a ton of stuff going on. Everything is starting to come together. All the shows we’ve played, the friends we’ve made, and Jason’s seemingly endless well of connections. It seems like every new thing that comes our way is another step forward. Something bigger and better. That old saying “The harder I work, the luckier I get” sums it up. 

Last weekend we spent the morning with Jon from The Texas Metal Show. Such a cool guy. A few hours flew by talking music, life, and Pyreship. It’s easy to talk about what you love. Especially with some good coffee on board. Afterwards we hit Snooze for some crack dusted pancakes. Seriously. That shit is highly addictive. 

We also got our vinyl in last week. It looks great and sounds amazing. Definitely gonna be a collectors item for anyone that’s a fan of Houston metal bands called Pyreship. They’ll be $15 at shows or $20 online from our big cartel store. It’ll be available on May 26th when the album releases. 

That’s the biggest news. Our album finally hits the streets on the 26th! The awesome folks at Black Bow Records are releasing it for us, so it’ll be everywhere. Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, EVERYWHERE. If you go to the Sludgelord blog you can stream the first track now. 

We’ve got a few gigs lined up to coincide with the album release. We’ll be playing at Rudyards with Forming The Void and The Dirty Seeds on the 26th. Then we’re opening for Conan and North on the 29th. 

Also, we got our first official album review from They threw some pretty kind words our way. “Machine Men launches into some solid post-sludge riffage, sorta sounding like the heavy-but-beautiful construct of ISIS’ Oceanic album. Daaaamn, dude!” Check the whole review here:

We finally got around to setting up a twitter account after one of our friends said we were getting reviewed over there too. We figured we probably need to stay in the loop. So follow us on twitter @PyreshipHTX to keep up with all the Pyreship news that’s fit to retweet. 

All the stuff we mentioned above… here’s the links. Check ’em out.