I am Sam’s scabby tattoo. 

Since Gear Gods and premier guitar haven’t gotten around to interviewing us we decided to do our own rig rundowns. Slackers. Seriously though, we’re all huge gear nerds and this is totally just an excuse to go super in depth talking about gear. 

We’ll start with Sam, or rather his guitar. It’s an RT custom guitar with a DiMarzio, that Sam refuses to disclose, in the bridge. “I can’t give away all my secrets.” Strings are D’Addario 13s. With a tune-o-matic bridge and a single volume and tone knob, it’s built to be a workhorse. 

Next stop. Pedals. These come and go but the heart lately has been a Boss TU2, Boss  DD3, Lone Wolf Outsider, and Morley Little Alligator. “I keep my boost (Outsider) on all the time for tonal consistency but the Alligator is my volume pedal. It has a minimum volume setting so I can still get sound even when I’m totally backed off. So I feed the boost into the volume pedal and that’s how I get my separate clean/dirty sounds.”  Filling in the rest of his pedalboard is an Earthquaker Arpanoid, EHX Small Stone, Eventide Space Reverb, Idiotbox Effects Dungeon Master, Lone Wolf Audio Acetylene Nirvana, Lone Wolf Audio Hypnotic Eye, Lone Wolf Audio LWA 120, Lone Wolf Audio Short Circuit, Lone Wolf Audio Unit 731, Moog Moogerfooger 104M. 

All that is going into the amps. There are three that he switches between usually running two at any given time. A Germino Headroom 100 Lead, Retro King Plexi 100, and C3 Amps 1959 Super Lead clone. His favorite being the C3 “The Marshall clone is a little lower gain, so I run it with a boost. Makes for a looser gain structure and a rawer sound.” 

The amps are running a pair of Monarch Cabs Czars. Designed after an old Silvertone 200BXL(2×12 & 2×15). “The Czar is just fucking total destruction the 15’s get so much fucking air moving that it feels like laughing gas. Your skin starts to buzz.”

To be in a band with Sam is to know excess. But it’s a very calculated thing. Stock piling amps with rare parts, or for parts to turn into other amps, or simply to get to play something for a while before reselling it for a profit. “This ain’t no hobby fool… I have a gear plan. I don’t just buy random shit.” Piles of amps, pedals, and cabs fill the practice space. Standing in the middle of it all is a guy that likes simple, solid, reliable, old school amps blasting big ass cabs. “Everything else is just for shits.”

Come see this monster take life, Saturday, at the First Church Of Amplifier Worship Texas chapter festival. Holy shit that’s a lot to type. 6922 Harrisburg Blvd Houston, Texas 77011 We play at 7pm. 


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