I am Jason’s effing ear holes

Continuing our gear nerd series of blog posts, next up we have Jason’s rig rundown. Which really is almost pointless, since J can’t keep a piece of equipment for over three months. If this guy’s musical ADD doesn’t get in check I’m gonna put the fucker on Ritalin. Although, it is cool seeing what new amazing, rare, high end, or custom gear he’s come up with. I think, some of it is from him owning Mønärch Cabs. He has people constantly asking him to sell or find stuff for them. He knows everyone and gets a heads up on all kinds of stuff before people put it up for sale. He’s basically that guy that when you joke about wanting to buy a tiger, he’s like “I can get you one. I know a guy. I’ll text him…” 

Jason’s go to axe is a 2015 EGC Buzzo/Turner 27.5″ Baritone Hybrid acrylic body w/egc humbuckers and as a backup, a 2006 EGC 30″ Standard Baritone hybrid wood body w/egc humbuckers. Both are strung with Kalium Strings G6H-14-70LT sets and he religiously uses Stohn Buffalo Horn Picks.

For a pedal board he’s got a three tier Mønärch pedal board, with rattlesnake flex patch cables. “Dude, all my cables are rattlesnake now. You can just tell they’re heavy duty and super well made. I’ll go out of my way to buy something from a small business owner.” For audio samples he has a Boss RC-3 Loop Station with an FS-6 controller. That’s about the only consistent thing on J’s board. Unlike Sam, Jason’s guitar pedals are constantly changing. The current board features a LWA Outsider, Korg Pitchblack Custom, Visual Sound VV10 Stereo Volume pedal, Strymon Timeline, Eventide Pitchfactor, Strymon Möbius, Hardwire Supernatural Reverb, Eventide Space, TC AlterEgo, EHX SuperEgo, Radial JX-2. 

Jason’s favorite amp that he SAYS he’ll  never sell is a Science Amps Mother. Although, his new 2013 White Matamp GT1 and “Rare one off Dave Green designed” Matamp Bass 120 have the Mother relegated to practice/cab testing duty. The Matamps are running a Mønärch stereo, chambered, and ported 4×12 “Its modeled after a Peavey 412f with a wide variety of speakers that just work. It’s got one eminence swamp thang , one Peavey Bass 12, and two 1978 Peavey drivers made by eminence.” He also runs a Mønärch Czar with 2 Weber Black Shucks and 2 Weber Michigan 15’s. “That cab shouldn’t sound good. Like, it doesn’t make sense. But it fucking crushes.” But as Jason builds cabs for a Mønärch backline to rent/loan out we expect to see a few different cabs rotate through. Because, real talk, all things in J’s rig are subject to change. 

Come barrage Jason with questions at the Mønärch “booth” Saturday at the FCOAW Texas chapter festival. 6922 Harrisburg Blvd Houston, Texas. We play at 7pm. 


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