I am Steve’s sweaty hands

Last but definitely not least, we get to Steve. He’s a pretty simple guy, more focused on his playing than his gear. “There was a time when I played a giant hair metal kit. 2 bass drums, 2 snare drums, 4 toms, and about 6 cymbals. It was unwieldy and kind of obligated you to play all of it to justify it being there. A previous bandmate said, why don’t you cut this ridiculous thing in half. I tried it and never went back. I like the creativity of using less stuff, it focuses me on making an interesting beat. Rather than how I’m going to utilize all this stuff.” Now, he gravitates toward whatever works, sounds,and feels right. “I’m a bad gear nerd. Never have been into that side of things. I experiment with different things a lot.”

Steve plays an Pearl Export Customs set with maple shells. “They made this set for 2 years and rebranded and started calling them Pearl Visions or something lame like that. The wood is nicer than poplar, so that’s good.” It has a 22″ kick and 12″ & 16″ toms. “I’ve always played Pearl because that was the brand of my first drum set that my parents bought me. Also, maybe because no drummers gets all gushy over the brand and I think they sound great.” For a snare he has a 14″ Ludwig Black Beauty. “It’s my single best piece of gear.” All drum heads are Remo except the kick which is an Aquarian Super Kick II. Rounding out the kit is a Tama Speed Cobra kick pedal “It’s a double that I just converted to a single for Pyreship.” Steve’s preference for sticks to throw all over the place at practice is Vic Firth Extreme 5B Sticks with wood tips. “They just feel good in my hands.”

Steve’s cymbals are a mishmash of brands. “I used to be a Zildjian guy but I’ve moved away from that… If it’s got a nice sound I’ll buy it. It’s very unscientific.” At the moment, Steve is using a Zildjian dark hi-hat on top of a Zildjian Mastersound bottom, Sabian 18″ Evolution HHX crash, Sabian HHX OMNI Ride Cymbal 22′, a Paiste 19″ Heavy Full Crash, and a Sabian 24′ AA Bash Ride. “Sadly it is starting to crack, but still sounds great. That fucker was over $400 so I’m trying to keep it going until I have to replace it.”

Are you still reading? Fuck. You’re a trooper. Come up to any of us Saturday and say #effyourearholes for some free stuff. You have to say hashtag too or you get nothing. Also, the free stuff will likely vary depending on which one of us you say it to. Like, Sam will likely give you sarcasm and contempt. So , choose wisely.

Saturday. 7pm @ 6922 Harrisburg blvd Houston 


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