I am George’s aching back. 

Now for the rig that 90% of people don’t care about, George’s bass rig. If we had a dollar for everytime he’s heard “OH, your the bass player…” we’d be getting vinyl pressed. Everything in his rig is huge and heavy. Thank god that shits got wheels. Alright, let’s get this over with. 

For basses George prefers Fender basses. “They’re just comfortable and built like tanks. If you break something there’s parts everywhere and they take no time to swap out. I hate being nervous about breaking something. It’s why I got rid of my Gibsons.” His go to bass is a 98′ Fender American standard P-Bass. He swapped the stock pickup with a Rio Grande Muy Grande pickup. “That pickup crushes. It’s got huge magnets and is so overwound it barely fits in the bass.” For a backup he has a 06′ Fender American standard P-Bass with a maple neck and Rio Grande Muy Grandes. 

Next stop on the nobody but other bass players care tour is… George’s pedalboard.  He’s got a foot switch for his amps, Empress buffer plus, korg pitch black mini, Fuzzrocious Cat Tail, DOD Milkbox, Iron Ether Nimbus, MXR 234, DOD Meatbox reissue, and a Boss DD20. “It’s nice to have some stuff to add some texture to parts here and there. I love it when you hear bass parts with a creative use of something other than distortion.”

When it comes to amps he’s a total Verellen fanboy. “I love Verellen. Ben is the nicest guy. Crushing tone. Blah. Blah. Blah.” He’s got a regular Meatsmoke and a hybrid Meatsmoke. The hybrid Meatsmoke’s preamp has a full eq for each channel that goes into each of the stereo power amps. “I’m mainly using the hybrid right now. It’s got more clean headroom and is a quarter of the weight of the Meatsmoke and sounds exactly the same.” That fucking Meatsmoke weighs as much as Sam. It’s ridiculous. Whichever Verellen he’s running usually goes into a pair of Ampeg 810s. “I’ve got old faithful. She’s a late 90s fridge. Totally indestructible… While Jason rebuilds my other 810 I’m testing a Monarch 1540. I have always hated 1540s but Jason made probably the best sounding one I’ve ever heard.”

See you kids Saturday @ the FCOAW Texas sausage festival. 6922 Harrisburg Houston, Texas. We play at 7pm. Is anyone even reading these? Fuck. One more to go. 


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